Server Notes and important Informations

server notes and important informations

join a server

To join the server cluster, search for "Knork" in the Ark-Serverlist. Please note, that the "Unofficial PC Sessions" can be seen in the lower left corner and that no check mark is activated in "show password-protected servers" and the category "all game modes" must also be selected.

overview server cluster

Afterwards 14 server appear, on which you play is left to you. These Servers form the KnorkCluster, on which PvE or PvP can be played.

You can travel als you like with your current character, dinosaurs and items within the cluster by clicking on "travel to an other server" at one of the obelisks or at the tek-transmitter.

It is no longer necessary to upload the items an the dinosaurs. The items from the inventory are also transferred to the other server while traveling and thus the dinosaurs in the cryopods. (If you still want to upload dinosaurs, then be aware that you empty the inventory of the dinosaur and remove the saddles before, because the dinosaurs lose everything when uploading.

server settings

All information about the server settings such as rates, dinosaur and character values etc. as well as a complete list of the available servers can be found under server list and settings.

server owner and admins

The adminlog of the server is activated. The server owner(MartiiAT) controls them daily and does not participate in the game, so you can be sure that there are fair things and admins do not use cheats/commands for their advantage. The admins are only authorized to support the community (for example replace losses of dinosaurs or items from Wildcard induced bugs, distribute shop purchases and vote rewards, etc.), als well as clear the servers (delete inactive bases) and host events.

tribe labeling

A tribe without #PvP# or #PvE# labeling is considered to be outlawed after 7 days of activity ,after being notified of the rules! That means, if the respective tribe still has no indication with "#" in the tribe name after one week, it may be attacked and raided by anyone. The marking can only be made by a server admin. You get the tag after you have given the rule password via a ticket in Discord or PSN to a server admin. The rule password is hidden in the server rules.

questions and support

If you have any questions, you can report here regarding general matters. For support requests, please open a ticket in Discord so that all server admins are informed and can help as quickly as possible. Alternatively, an admin can also be contacted via PSN. You can find an list of the admins here.


Building in the spawn area is strictly prohibited. Here you will find more informations. Likewise, it is not allowed to build near the obelisk, in places with high resources, with artifacts, loot drops or explorer notes, teleport areas (HLNA), etc. Only one main base and a smaller secondary base may be built per map. Spawn points such as individual foundations with beds are to be avoided and are punished with punitive measures. Further detailed information can be found in the server rules in the section "building rules".

public traps

The Community will be provided with public tek traps, that allow milk to be farmed for all players. The traps can be found in the following places:

- Ragnarok (Highlands and south of the map)

- Scorched Earth (desert, west of the map)

- Valguero (snow area, in the northeast of the map)

- Crystal Isles (2x wyvern trap & 3x griffin trap)

In addition, there is a griffin trap on the green obelisk on Ragnarok and a reaper trap in the blue zone on Aberration.

Please note that your own taming traps must be removed immediately after use - otherwise sanctions must be expected!

replacement of items / animals

Dinos/items will only be replaced with video evidence! If a bug/game error or similar occurs, press the share button immediately and save the video clip. If the server is lagging heavily, take a screenshot of your inventory and save a video for security. You have to either upload the video to Youtube or film it with your mobile phone and send it to the admins via a support ticket at Discord. The admin team will then review this video and usually replace the items / dinosaurs.

element and apex transfer

It is possible to have element and apex items transferred to other servers by a server admin. To do this, however, the product "element and apex transfer" must be bought in the KnorkGoldShop. Attention: Element is taxed at 10% and boss items at 50%!

trading city / event city

On Ragnarok (Server 2) there is a trading city in the desert (at the ruins, coordinates approx. 70/70) led by admins. Aminals are offered for sale there - you can always visit and look at everything there. If interested in bying, an admin can be contacted by PM or in the Discord Channel #Handelsstadt. On Ragnarok (Server 1) is the event city, also in the same place as the trading city - there you can expect many great events.


The day-/night-interval is designed in favor of the day. 1 ingame day is 1 hour in real time - 45 minutes of day and 15 minutes of night.

(The value for aberration 90% day 10% night has nothing to do with this, this creates an extra game dynamic that we have not changed.) 

inactivity of tribes

Tribes are considered inactive after 15 days and will be deleted by the admins! Animals disappear automatically after 14 days and after 300 ingame days (corresponds to approx. 15 days) a base can be deleted by the admins if no actions by a player can be seen in the tribelog during this period.

Note: If you have a secondary base in addition to the main base, then it is important that you reset the timer for the animals in both bases - the timer of the secondary base will not be reset if you are only in the main base (you must be in render area). Otherwise it can happen that animals automatically disappear in the secondary base even though you have been active in the main base.

What can you do as a player so that the base is not deleted? Let the animals stand in the base so that they are clearly visible - then we can see immediately that the tribe is still active. In addition, always update your tribelog, because if there are no actions over 300 in-game days, then the tribe is considered inactive and will be deleted. Actions such as put an animal in cryo, destroying a structure, taming an animal etc.

In the event of foreseeable inactivity such as holidays, you can report it here in the forum or open a ticket in Discord and thus inform the server admins about your absence. This ensures that your base is not deleted during this time and the animals do not expire.

You can report inactive bases (in which there are no more animals) at any time in the discord channel #abgelaufene-basen and the admins will check it.


offline-raid-protection activates after 30 minutes. Unlocked gates and doors can still be opened, unlocked inventories (cabinets, safes etc.) are blocked by offline protection. Please note, that storage boxes are unfortunately bugged - they are freely accessible at all times and should ideally only be build in-house.

daily server restart

The servers are automatically restarted every morning between 5:30 to 6:30am. There is a dinosaur reset.  

special animals from Valguero

Animals that are only available in special versions on Valguero (such as Dire Polar Bear, Ice Golem, Chalk Golem and Wyvern) may not be put in cryo and brought to other servers. Unfortunately there is a bug that these animals can no longer be thrown out of the cryo. Please note that there is no replacement for these animals.

server travelling not possible

The server list is visible, but nothing happens when you click on "join with character"? Then your character was duplicated by a bug.

To fix this problem, go to the main menu and select another server (on the same cluster) from there. There you go to "download character" in the character menu at the bottom right and select your character. You have downloaded the duplicate onto the server. Now go back to the main menu and choose the server on which your real character is located. You should now be able to switch servers again.

Knork Server Cluster

The server-cluster, as it is today, exists since January 27, 2017 (started as a PS4-server and then switched to Nitrado).