Server Rules

Official Knork Server-Rules

Rules of the Knork Survival Server

Private PS4 Ark Mega Cluster Server

As of 17.06.2020

(we reserve the right to make changes at any time)


All laws are generally binding, an exception or immunity is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Any violation must be submitted to a responsible admin with proof, until then the presumption of innocence applies.

All offences are punishable either by warnings, material things or a time or permanent ban.

The penalty is based on the following points:

- First offender or repeat offender

- Type of offence

- Severity of the offence

General Laws

§1. Tribe Belonging

The tribal affiliation is to be provided by the admins with the addition #PvE# or #PvP#. This makes it clear at any time whether a tribe is PvE or PvP. A tribe without this name suffix is declared outlawed after 7 days of activity by the admins after beeing notified of the rules. The tribe afflination and the tribe name are binding across servers.

It is also mandatory for a single player to found a tribe and have the official name suffix added to the tribe name. Structures without a tribe will be deleted by the admins.

A tribe may only be attacked and do pvp itself if it has a valid #PvP# label in the tribe name on at least one server. The pvp rules must be observed. PvE tribes or players may not be attacked at any time.

§2. PvE & PvP

PvE servers can initially be used to build up. A single change to PvP is to be carried out according to §1. Exceptions to this are short changes for a Boss Run / Tek Cave etc.

Who makes himself to be guilty of an offence:

- Who is represented in a PvP and PvE tribe.

- Who does not request additional identification according to §1.

- These violations are punished by changing the PvE tribe to PvP.

§3. Short-term PvP/PvE Change

During short-term changes, PvE/PvP players are prohibited from performing PvP actions.

When merging two tribes, it is important to note that only PvP can merge with PvP and PvE with PvE. The exception to this is when PvE plus PvP becomes PvP. This process must be reported to the admins according to §1, §3.

Multi-accounts and tribes are absolutely forbidden and punishable by full penalty.

Tribe merging of PvP players for a raid is allowed, in accordance with §16.

§4. House/Base Law

The intrusion into a base (house), which is not in personal possession, is only possible with the prior permission of the landlord. If a player enters a base without consent, the landlord has the right to defend himself and kill the intruder.

Attacking PvE tribes is prohibited. If dinosaurs or players owned by the base are killed by the intruder, an immediate server exclusion will take place.

Dyeing foreign structures is strictly prohibited (even during offline raid protection), as this can lead to massive server lags.

§5. PvE Gaming Fun

In PvE mode, any actions that diminish the other's gameplay are prohibited. The assessment for the seriousness of the offence is the responsibility of the admins and will be punished individually.

§6. PvE Dino Status

PVE tribes are only allowed to keep velonasaurs neutral in their base.

In the Wasteland on Extinction, gigas are allowed to be aggressive if they are on a dino leash.

§7. PVE Plants and Turrets

Each tribe is allowed to set up plants that shoot at everything, provided that explorer notes, artifacts, and loot drops continue to be easily collected.

Turrets may be used in closed rooms to protect their own assets. Guns must never hurt anyone outside the base at any time.

§8. PvP Turrets

If a PvE player is shot by turrets of a PvP tribe, the PvE tribe is allowed to fully reclaim its player and dino inventory. If a dino of a PvE tribe is killed by Turrets, it does not need to be replaced.

If a PvE tribe intentionally empties the turrets from a PvP tribe, the PvE tribe is set to PvP.

§9. Player Behaviour

All acts of a player which verbally or non-verbally case another player or person to be impaired or devalued will result in an examination of the admins and are strictly prohibited.

Criminal offences are made in accordance to §9:

- Disrespectful or offensive behavior.

- Ethically or ethnically derogatory comments, as well as political extremist statements.

- Exclude or reduce people due to a physical or mental condition.

§10. Server-Owner and Admins

The adminlog of the server is activated. The server owner(MartiiAT) controls them daily and does not participate in the game, so you can be sure that there are fair things and admins do not use cheats/commands for their advantage. The admins are only authorized to support the community (for example replace losses of dinosaurs or items from Wildcard induced bugs, distribute shop purchases and vote rewards, etc.), als well as clear the servers (delete inactive bases) and host events.

§11. Consumer Goods and Spawn

Dragon eggs must be eaten directly after picking up or kept and beaver dams must be completely dismantled so that new ones can spawn.

Each tribe may have only one private oil pump, several are, if only in exception and public lead. Oil pumps above the snowcave on Ragnarok are public and withdrawals are only allowed in commercial quantities (calculated on daily consumption).

§12. Taming

Whoever stuns an animal, it belongs to him. This can be seen from the animal. Animals in a trap are regarded as stunned and belong to the owner of the trap - however, this point may not be used to steal the tames from other players. The killing of stunned dinosaurs of others is strictly prohibited.

§13. Misfortunes

If a criminal offence is committed in accordance with the general laws without intent and due to a mishap, evidence of this must be provided. Here the reversed burden of proof applies.

§14. Replacement Items/Animals etc.

Dinos/items will only be replaced with video evidence! If a bug/game error or similar occurs, press the share button immediately and save the video clip. If the server is lagging heavily, take a screenshot of your inventory and save a video for security. You have to either upload the video to Youtube or film it with your mobile phone and send it to the admins via a support ticket at Discord. The admin team will then review this video and usually replace the items / dinosaurs.

PvP Rules

§15. Raid Announcement

A written raid announcement for an attack on the main base via the game chat is mandatory and must be proven with a screenshot or video. The attack must then take place within 30 minutes.

An attack or tanking the turrets during the offline raid protection timer is strictly prohibited - this applies to all structures and bases of a tribe. Placing c4 during the offline raid protection timer is also strictly prohibited.

The defender is not allowed to log out during a raid (after a rule-compliant raid announcement) to activate the offline raid protection timer. Otherwise, the base can be opened by an admin for the attacking tribe.

If a raid announcement has been made by the attacking tribe (tribe merger according to §16 is possible), then during the duration of the raid no other tribe may make a raid announcement to the defender.

Spam (barricades, pillar, metal shields and other structures placed in bulk in front of a base for defense) and turrets outside the base (the base must be out of sight and must not build up there yet) may be attacked at any time and do not require a raid announcement. This also does not cause raid protection for the attacked Tribe. After that, you must not attempt to attack the main base for 12 hours.

A secondary base may also be attacked without a raid announcement.

§16. Raid

A tribe may only attack another tribe when it is roughly at the same level (for example, a tribe with tek or metal structures may not raid a base with wood or stone structures).

The attacking tribe may get multiple entrances to the base. However, not all structures may be completely destroyed - just as much as is required to get to the base / house.

Passive animals within the base may be killed after completing the raid announcement.

A player may be captured for a maximum of the duration of the raid.

The ratio of attackers to defenders may not exceed 60/40%. Tribe merging for a raid is allowed, but limited to 10 attackers. If a tribe is increased during a raid with PvE players, the PvE tribe is set to PvP. PvE players are prohibited from participating in raids.

No PvP may be practiced during or in the preparations for boss fights (except for the titans on extinction).

The fob must be dismantled no later than one day after the raid, the turrets must be turned off. The defender is not allowed to attack the fob after the raid.

§17. Raid Duration

A raid may take a maximum of 5 hours during the week (Monday to Thursday). At the weekend (Friday to Sunday) a maximum of 10 hours.

A raid must start at 8am at the earliest during the week and must be finished at midnight. The maximum raid duration (according to §17, section 1) may not be exceeded.

Refilling turrets and placing structures does not reset the raid time.

§18. Raid Protection

Raid protection up to 1 week for destroyed structures in the secondary base and up to 2 weeks for destroyed structures in the main base, depending on the damage taken.

Raid protection must be requested from an admin after a raid. The duration of the raid protection is determined by an admin. Each PvP tribe should take pictures of its base. This is used to assess the damage caused and thus to determine the raid protection.

During a raid protection, a tribe may not conduct a raid itself, otherwise you will lose all raid protection on all maps. However, Open PvP is still allowed.

§19. PvP Bases

No areas may be taken. This includes the multiple setting of spam and turret towers. The occupied area taken must serve a meaningful purpose. Too high a structural volume must be avoided. The general building laws must also be complied with.

Building Rules

§20. Building Spots

Some maps have multiple servers on the MainCluster (e.g. Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis), but a tribe can only build on one server per map. If you choose Server 8 (Ragnarok Only PvP) you will be considered a PvP tribe on all other servers.

A total of no more than two places / building spots per tribe and map may be used when building on the various servers - a tribe may have a maximum of one main base with an outpost.

It is forbidden to build up its tribe within sight of another tribe (no other base may be seen from the outer gates).

If a base, when approaching other players, leads to CE errors of these players due to too much structural volume, it must be reduced or rebuilt.

It is forbidden to reserve places using structures.

The same rule applies to Genesis with a maximum of one main base and one outpost. The ocean platform also counts as a base. Anyone who has something in every biome, be it just a bed with foundations, will be prosecuted and face sanctions. Single beds outside the base are prohibited.

§21. Prohibition of Building

The following areas may not be built on:

High resources (metal, crystal, obsidian, oil, sulfur, beaver dams, silica pearls, cactus juice, element dust)

Caves (except caves without resources, artifacts and/or loot drops)

Obelisks (The paths to obelisks must not be obstructed by structures and animals. Building on the obelisk is strictly forbidden. You must not build within sight of the obelisk. Exeption: small Rex enclosures for boss fights are allowed near the obelisks.)

loot drops or entire areas

Spawn area (in the spawn area there is an absolute building ban!)

Ragnarok: The castle and the lighthouse, as well as other large ruins on Ragnarok, as they are part of the map and should remain accessible to everyone.

Genesis: The caves show an increased resource supply or are spawn points for animals that only exist there and are therefore part of the building ban. The building in mission areas, glitch locations and teleport areas (HLNA) is also prohibited.

§22. Taming Traps

Any structures such as huts, taming traps, etc. must be demolished at the same time after a move, taming, etc. Tam enclosures inside the base are allowed.

§23. Inactivity

Tribes are considered inactive after 15 days and will be deleted by the admins! Animals disappear automatically after 14 days and after 300 ingame days (corresponds to approx. 15 days) a base can be deleted by the admins if no actions by a player can be seen in the tribelog during this period.

Note: If you have a secondary base in addition to the main base, then it is important that you reset the timer for the animals in both bases - the timer of the secondary base will not be reset if you are only in the main base (you must be in render area). Otherwise it can happen that animals automatically disappear in the secondary base even though you have been active in the main base.

What can you do as a player so that the base is not deleted? Let the animals stand in the base so that they are clearly visible - then we can see immediately that the tribe is still active. In addition, always update your tribelog, because if there are no actions over 300 in-game days, then the tribe is considered inactive and will be deleted. Actions such as put an animal in cryo, destroying a structure, taming an animal etc.

In the event of foreseeable inactivity such as holidays, you can report it here in the forum or open a ticket in Discord and thus inform the server admins about your absence. This ensures that your base is not deleted during this time and the animals do not expire.

You can report inactive bases (in which there are no more animals) at any time in the discord channel #abgelaufene-basen and the admins will check it.

Special Rules

§24. Ragnarok Only PvP (Server 8)

Anyone who builds on this server is also considered a PvP tribe on all other servers of the cluster.

PvE players are not allowed to build on the Only PvP server and raid no bases and are also outlawed. Should a PvE tribe nevertheless raid a base or set structures, it will be set to PvP on all servers without warning. PvE players may only do PvP against other players or dinosaurs outside bases and not destroy any structures or kill passive animals.

An initial raid protection of 2 weeks can be requested from an admin. Then the date on which day the raid protection ends, is entered in your tribe name, e.g. tribe of XYZ #20.03.2020#. (The raid protection only applies within your own base - outside of it is open PvP!)

§25. Tribe Names

A tribe without #PvP# or #PvE# labeling is considered to be outlawed by the admins after 7 days of activity ,after being notified of the rules! That means, if the respective tribe still has no indication with "#" in the tribe name after one week, it may be attacked and raided by anyone. The marking can only be made by a server admin. The password for this is "Griffin Feather" and is sent to an admin via PSN message.

Tribe names are binding across servers.(with the exception of short-term changes in accordance with §3 and §16)

§26. Bugusing

Bugusing such as meshing, duping or similar is strictly prohibited and will be penalized with game exclusion! Building in so-called "RatHoles" is also prohibited.


§27. Public Traps

The community will be provided with public tek traps, that allow milk to be farmed for all players. The traps can be found in the following places:

- Ragnarok (Highlands and south of the map)

- Scorched Earth (desert, west of the map)

- Valguero (snow area, in the northeast of the map)

In addition, there is a griffin trap on the green obelisk on Ragnarok and a reaper trap in the blue zone on Aberration.

Own taming traps must be torn down immediately after taming, otherwise sanctions can be expected. Taming traps are allowed inside the base.

§28. More Informations

An overview of all available servers and the associated settings can be found under the following link: Server List an Settings.

General information and important information about the server can be found here: Server Notes and Informations.

If you have any questions, you can report here regarding general matters. For support requests, please open a ticket in Discord so that all server admins are informed and can help as quickly as possible. Alternatively, an admin can also be contacted via PSN. You can find an list of the admins here.

§29. Penalties of Grabbing, Shooting, Killing

Fixed penalty under the exception of individual legal consequences that can be decided individually by the admins:

1. Grabbing

PvP grabs PvP = legitimate

PvP grabs PvE = warning, repetition leads to game exclusion

PvE grabs PvE = „grabber“ becomes a PvP tribe

PvE grabs PvP = „grabber“ becomes a PvP tribe

2. Shooting, killing of stunned taming

PvP > PvP = warning, repetition leads to game exclusion

PvP > PvE = warning, repetition leads to game exclusion

PvE > PvE = shooter becomes PvP tribe

PvE > PvP = shooter becomes PvP tribe

3. Raid, killing (passive) animals

PvP > PvP = legitimate (except passive = warning)

PvP > PvE = game exclusion

PvE > PvE = game exclusion

PvE > PvP = tribe becomes PvP tribe (depending on extent of game exclusion)

Have fun! 🙂

The rules and game rules are part of „Knork Survival“, which the player agrees to by using (entering the servers) and thus acknowledges them.

Your Knork Survival Team